Women’s Ministry

The XMN believes strongly in women’s ministry.  Over the past few years we have had multiple churches to start women’s discipleship groups.  These groups are multigenerational and focus on the study of God’s Word and conformity Biblical womanhood. We also host several large Women’s Ministry Events a year.  Please see our Upcoming Events Page for current Women’s Ministry Events.
We also offer several Video studies for Women in our Film & Video library.

Jackey Geeslin: XMN Women’s Ministry Consultant

Jackey is the Director of Women’s Ministry at Lifepoint Church, SBC in Senatobia, MS. She also works with the X-tended Missions Network to promote Women’s Discipleship throughout Desoto and Tate Counties. She is married to Rick Geeslin, Associate/Family Pastor at Lifepoint Church.They have been married for 26 years and have 4 children ages 18-23. She has been involved in church planting along with her husband in NY and MS. They continue to serve together leading marriage conferences and training men and women in Chronlogical Discipleship. Jackey’s passion is for women’s discipleship – taking women where they are and encouraging them to become women of the Word. Using Chronological Bible Discipleship materials, Jackey trains women to understand the big picture of the Bible through mentoring, discipleship and accountability. She is the founder of Stepping Stones: Step up and become the woman God has called you to be!

Chronological Bible Discipleship

One of Jackey’s core ministries is called Chronological Bible Discipleship. Chronological Bible Discipleship was founded upon Titus 2 relationships, small group accountability and the Word of God. It is the most effective method of discipleship that I have seen, following the example of Jesus as He poured His life into a few ordinary men who turned the world upside down – men who obeyed Jesus’ command and made more disciples. For years, I have done Bible study after study, but each time the study came to an end I wondered what next? CBD is different. It’s not a “Bible Study”. It’s a life-long process of systematically learning God’s story and ultimately knowing Him. For the last three years I have been involved in CBD. This process of mentoring, accountability and a consistent soaking in of God’s Word has absolutely changed my life. God’s Word is living, active and powerful. He has great and mightly things planned for you. Won’t you step up and become the woman God wants you to be?

Chronlogical Bible Discipleship

- systematically and intentionally increases Bible literacy

- incorporates mentoring and small group accountability in Bible study

- uses stories to help women develop a Biblical worldview

- empowers women to become self-feeders by asking worldview-impacting questions

- teaches us that God uses ordinary people

- teacheds us to have a high view of God and Scripture

- produces women who will invest in the next generation

- enables women to see the big picture of God’s Word

If you are interested in more information or would like assistance implementing CBD at your church, please contact the X-tended Missions office or contact Jackey Geeslin (geeslinjr@yahoo.com)