Mission-Minded for 2016!


Hello Church,

Two-thousand sixteen hasn’t slowed down one bit! We have been extremely busy getting several mis- sion trips lined up for the new year. The rst one will be in Vancouver, Canada, where I am taking seven pastors on a vision trip which is through NAMB (North American Mission Board) and Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison, MS. We will interact with church planters, hear their stories and how God is working in Vancouver in hopes that some of these pastors will team up with these planters and help them.

The second trip is during Spring Break in March to Indianapolis, In- diana to work with Matt Brewer, a church planter in Noblesville, In- diana. The plan is, if the weather is good, we will cook for the communi- ty every evening holding bible stud- ies and asking everyone we meet to come to church on Sunday morn- ing because it is Palm Sunday. We will attend church with those who participate from the community and after the church service is over we will head home. If the weather is bad and there is a lot of snow like it was last year, we will get snow shov- els and shovel the driveways of the people in the community while ask- ing them to attend church services on Sunday.

The third trip is in Dinorwic, On- tario, Canada on June 18. This trip is for families. We try to take about 15 on this trip. We team up with Johnny and Becky Bates who are over Camp of the Woods. We will help them build needed structures and clean the place up to get ready for the almost 600 kids that come there for camp. We will also work on the building repairs because the winters are brutal up there.

The fourth trip is to Southeast Asia and India. We will help Jay Lemonds and his family in the city where they are located. There is a great deal of lostness where the Lemonds have been for almost a year now. They have only found a couple of believers out of a few million people. Then we will travel to India to help the Lances do ministry in the mountains teaching the pas- tors T4T.

The fth trip is back to Dinorwic, Canada, at the end of Septem- ber. This trip is only for men, this is where the men will do manual labor, cut grass, paint, stack wood, and whatever is needed to prepare Camp of the Woods for the coming winter. This trip is a lot of fun! A ton of ministry is accomplished on this trip.

We are also looking forward to what is going to take place with our Sen- ior Adults. We have already had our rst Senior Adult Rally at Her- nando Baptist Church where Bro. Cli Pace brought a great word and a great challenge from God’s word. The church fed us well and they were very hospitable toward us. Hernando Baptist Church is always a great host. There are a couple of exciting things that will take place this year. One of which is in the month of April 18, when Horn Lake Baptist Church will be hosting the Senior Adults. Although Bro Tim Trillet is not bringing the message, we will have a MYSTERY speaker and I promise you don’t want to miss this Senior Adult Rally (SAR). We are in for quite a treat! The second SAR is in May at the EBTC (Ervin Brown Training Center) which is where we always have our highest attendance. This year will be di er- ent, we will be casting the vision for XMN and for the EBTC! Don’t worry though, we will still be eating sh and we will have live music.

Within the last few weeks I have been approached by a church that needed help. After several meetings with this church we will be imple- menting a re-plant at this church. I have a church that is a strong and healthy church that will be taking on the responsibilities of providing leadership to help with the re-plant. This is what I’ve been praying for and now the Lord has answered my prayer. I’m not at liberty right now to disclose the names of these two churches, but I will give the com- plete story in the next Newsletter, so stay tuned until next month.

Be Blessed John 10:10 Dennis Landrum


About Dennis Landrum

Dennis is the Director of Missions at the X-tended Missions Network.