Christmas Fellowship with Dennis Swanberg



In December 2014 we had the Annual Christmas Din- ner for all of the church staff members. We enjoyed a wonderful evening of delicious food and entertainment. John Edmonds along with his wife, Kelli, daughter, Dani, and the men from the Warrior Center prepared around 170 steaks, baked potatoes, rolls and salad for the even- ing meal. The food was absolutely divine! We finished off the meal with an assorted variety of decadent desserts made by Penny’s Pantry in Senatobia.

Our goal was to provide the pastors, their wives and staffs with a relaxing evening of good food and enter- tainment. I believe we accomplished that goal. Dennis Swanberg took the stage as most guests were tasting their desserts and being served coffee by the wonder- ful servers from the Warrior Center. “The Swan” had us laughing consistently for over an hour. His jokes were hi- larious and his sincere love and encouragement for the pastors was uplifting.

A huge thank you goes to the Edmonds and the men from the Warrior Center. They did a remarkable job preparing, serving and cleaning up the food. Also, this night could not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Beth Darby, Jan and Marc Clark and my wife and daughter, Rhonda and Anna Denton. They poured themselves into helping me organize, put up and take down this entire event. I am so grateful for the way they serve our Lord. We owe a huge debt of gratitude for DeSoto Hills Baptist Church! Not only did they graciously host the event, but they also paid for every guest in at- tendance! We sincerely appreciate the generous gift from DeSoto Hills.

We had about 160 guests in attend- ance and we are already planning next year’s event. We hope to have 300 next year, so start making plans to come out and celebrate another wonderful year serving God and furthering His Kingdom!


About Dennis Landrum

Dennis is the Director of Missions at the X-tended Missions Network.