Morning Watch


Over the past few weeks I have been reminded of the incredible importance of spending the first few hours with the Lord.

The book of Exodus depicts the Lord’s provision for the children of Israel through providing manna every morning for them to eat.  As you remember, this manna, could only be gathered early in the morning.  Should the children of Israel decide to sleep in, the hot sun would rise, melt the manna and they would miss the opportunity to gather enough food for their family for the day.  They were also instructed to only take enough manna for one day.  If they gathered to much the manna would rot and stink.  The only exception to the rule of gathering manna was for Sabbath.  The Lord instructed the children of Israel to gather enough manna for two days so they would not have to gather on the Sabbath.

The Lord made provisions for His children to eat, be nourished and healthy.  Today, it is no different.  The Lord has made provisions for each child of God, each Christian to be healthy spiritually.

God has given grace for all children of God that can be found early in the morning.  He has provided provision, spiritual food, holy communion.  Some may say, “but I can find time throughout the day to spend with the Lord”, however, I have never met a prayer warrior who rises late in the day.  From my best estimation I have never met a man nor woman who God has used in an incredible way who has not given the earliest part of his morning to communion with Him.


“As the door turns upon it’s hinges, so does the sluggard upon his bed.” (Prov. 26:14)


There is biblical precedent for this as well.  One doesn’t have to look far to find men who arose early to be with the Lord- Abraham (Gen.19:17), Jacob (Gen.28:18), Moses (Ex.9:13), Joshua (Joshua 3:1), Gideon (Judges 6:38), Hannah (1 Samuel 1:19), Samuel (1 Samuel 15:12), David (1 Samuel 17:10), Job (Job 1:5), The Apostles (Acts 5:21), The Lord Jesus (Mark 1:35).

So what does one do when they are up at 5 or 6 am?  There are several items to be considered:

  • Commune with God.  “Let us get up early….There will I give thee my love” (Song of Solomon 7:12).  Communing with God should be spend in holding fellowship with Him, waiting quietly before Him, meditating on His word and allowing Him to speak as our spirit is open to Him.
  • Sing and Praise.  Even though it is unlikely one feels their worship and voice is beautiful, sing to the Lord.  Sing of His greatness and majesty.  Sing of what He has done.
  • Seek God Before Food.  What is our manna?  It is the Word of God.  Manna is food for the wilderness.  Is it any wonder why so many are spiritually impotent and weak?  It is because of a lack of nutrition- the Word of God.
  • Prayer.  Spend significant times each morning in prayer before the Lord.  Have items to pray through but also wait patiently upon Him to speak.

The morning watch is becoming my favorite time of the day although I am not completely vigilant in its practices.  Let us develop the discipline of rising early in communion with the Lord.