Being Active & The Gospel

With warm weather arriving, I see an abundance of people outside either playing or working out or both.  Whether it’s a tee-ball team practicing or someone training for a triathlon or just walking in the neighborhood, all over our area people can be seen getting active.

This is not just a chance to get in shape, it’s also a chance for our churches to apply and share the Gospel.

Follow this train of thought…

If it’s our call to share the Gospel and make disciples then that means connecting with people.

If we’ve got to connect with people it would be great to find a non-threatening way to do so.

What better way to connect with people than through some kind of sport and play?

There are few things in this world that connect people the way sports and play do.  Just look at your local outdoor park.  You’ll find children from all different ages, races, backgrounds, and socioeconomic statuses all playing on the same playground. You can do the same thing by looking at the diversity on sports teams, from children to teenagers.

Being active gives us the chance to connect with people and it gives us a chance to accomplish multiple Gospel-goals.

First, there’s an obvious avenue for evangelism.  If your children play on the same sports team as 10-15 other kids, there’s an entire mission field of parents, children, and coaches for you to share the love of Christ.  Or let’s say that you take a Zumba fitness class.   You just signed up to burn calories AND join an entire group of people that need the Gospel.

Secondly, there’s a chance for discipleship.  Discipleship happens best organically.  How better to make that happen than to give people a common goal or a common activity?  When people play together, that opens up doors for them to invest in each other’s lives.  Playing or exercising together also gives people a chance to see the character in someone’s life, usually in a continued pattern over a period of time.  Trying to invest in someone’s life? Ask them to meet you for a run, or for your kids to play in the park together, or to play on your softball team.

Lastly, sports and recreation provides a neat option for missions.  All kids like to play.  Put together a “play day” in the local park.  Try doing a sports camp during the summer for the surrounding neighborhoods.  This works on mission trips as well.  Not all languages are spoken around the world, but children everywhere know how to play and have fun.  Games will connect from churches to orphanages to schools to neighborhoods.

Sports, games, exercises…. Being active creates the opportunity to connect.   Connection create ministry opportunity.

So what are you waiting for?  Get moving and live the Gospel!


About Bubba Crowder

Bubba Crowder is the Adult & Family Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Southaven. He loves being outdoors with his wife, Whitney and daughter, Harper. He can usually be found running the streets of Hernando early in the morning!