Peace Time vs. War Time

Over the past few months we had the privilege to welcome home many of our Military Personnel.  America’s finest men and women have been serving overseas for a number of years defending our countries freedoms.  One can rest assured that each of these men and women received the best training before their deployment.  Through their initial ranks in the military each troop learned disciple, honor and sacrifice.  They also learned valuable skills which would allow them to perform their duty on the battle field.  Without question, these men received incredible training, were competent in their craft and were deployed to the battlefield to do job.  Today, I say, “job well done.”  It has been on my mind lately that we must view our churches in the same way.  We train, train, train but rarely deploy the troops.

First, we must address the issue- are we in a war?  I tell you convincingly, yes!  We have an enemy which desires to hinder the Gospel from reaching those who need it.  We have an enemy who is always attacking.  Also, this war is often taking place on a battlefield which isn’t fought with guns and bullets but the outcomes are much more significant.  We are fighting for the souls of men.  We are surely in a war.

Second, our churches have training.  There are many great curriculums available which can train men and women in how to share their faith, how to engage an area or the lost.  We have designed entire structures within churches to distribute this information such as Sunday School and/or Small Groups but this is usually where the preparation ends.

However, rarely are we strategically, intentionally deployed.  Rarely, is the training, practice and preparation put into use?  What good is a troop without deployment?  If he is never deployed he has wasted time and resources to gain knowledge but for no practical use.  I believe there are a number of reasons for “our troops are never deployed”  but the primary being we have lost the vision for reaching those who are perishing.

Brothers and sisters, we must stay vigilant to step onto the battlefield and proclaim the glorious message of Christ.  The issue is not that we do not know God’s word or commission.  The issue is that we have lost sight of the reality of Hell and the eternal souls of men.  Does it really concern us that many even in our own community will perish into a Christ-less eternity if someone does not take them the Gospel.  I plead with you today that we must not sacrifice the Great things for the Good.  We must be a people who intentionally takes the Gospel to a lost and dying world.  We must train our people in a manner which embeds urgency and radical obedience not apathy and impotence. We must even structure our weekly services to focus on the lost community and give ample time to engage the community.  This is not peace time …. this is war time …….and our King is returning very soon.  Will you be busy fulfilling His commission?