Reflections on South Asia

Over these past two weeks I had the incredible opportunity to travel to South Asia.  The purpose of my trip was to encourage a few missionaries who were on the field as well as work among the national partners.  I quickly discovered that what I had to offer was not sufficient for the task ahead and the Lord really had something He wanted to teach me.  The following are a few of my greatest remembrances of my trip to South Asia.

Easter Sunday our small team  of 5 left with great expectations of what God had in store.  After traveling many hours by plane, train and in one automobile we arrived at our destination in the northern province of South Asia.  As you can imagine, life is very different in South Asia.  Water is extremely limited, horns on cars are used as often as the brake and terrain is extreme.  Homes are literally built on the side of mountains and everywhere we walked we were either walking uphill or downhill.  There are many difficulties for anyone living in South Asia but they all pale in comparison to what the Lord is doing.

I met a young man in South Asia who seemed to be 18 years old or so.  He was from Nepali decent and had a very contagious personality.  I quickly learned that this young man was a modern day Paul and the Lord was using him in incredible ways.  This young man had a passion to see his village come to know the Lord and made preparations for this to happen.  He was convinced he needed to share the Gospel with 20 homes in his area and see what the Lord had in store but after spending some time with one of the national partners this young man he quickly learned that his vision was much to small.  God can use even the most ordinary, plain spoken individual to share the Gospel.  Now, this young man has a desire to see 100′s of churches started and 1,000′s come to know the Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  My prayer is that this young man would dare to trust the Lord in the things He has placed in his heart.

I also had the opportunity to briefly meet another gentleman who was from an extremely northern province in South Asia.  During a church service he began to share his previous life and how the Lord had radically changed him.  This gentleman was formerly part of a militant radical terrorist group who persecuted Christians and anyone opposed to his way of life.  After a period of time the Lord gripped His heart and changed his life. Today this same gentleman boldly professes the name of Christ.  However, the story does not end there.  After he accepted Christ and he began reading the bible.  He learned through scripture that Jesus was baptized.  Immediately he thought..”well I guess I must be baptized”.  So with great expediency he sought out his pastor and asked to be baptized.  Several days later he continued to read through scripture and learned that after Jesus was baptized he partook in a 40 day fast.  Naturally, this gentleman reasoned, “if I am a follower of Jesus then this is what I must do as well”.  So he began his 40 day fast.  As I sat in amazement I was shocked at this gentleman’s immediate obedience to God’s word and denouncement of his former life.

Naturally, there are many things that only resonate after I have had time to digest the trip but there are a couple of things I know for certain.  God is moving in South Asia.  Men and women are being healed of life threatening illnesses.  I heard stories of the lame healed to walk and the blind made to see.  Greater than that I heard stories of countless hundreds who have abandoned their previous way of life for the greatness of our Lord Jesus.  Men and women are being set free of from their eternal bondage which has plagued them for so long.  I can also give testimony to our many men and women who have followed the Lord’s call on their life and have surrendered everything.  Our faithful brothers and sisters continue to need prayer support, encouragement and financial support as they fulfill the great commission.  I praise the Lord for the area’s that He is doing incredible things!


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