Missions In Our Own Back Yard

This year has started off great!  I am so excited to tell you that we are developing a new ministry as part of the X-tended Missions Network.  We are developing the X-teded Community Fellowship.  This ministry serves as an outreach tool and an avenue to share the love of Christ throughout Desoto and Tate County.

It still shocks me how many people across our area have never heard the good news of Jesus.  Our churches are full, our hearts are in love with the Lord but still there are literally 1,000′s who have never heard the good news.  In a recent by a leading statistician, of those living in Multi Housing Units, 90-95% have no interest in coming to a local church nor have a walk with the Lord.  This is for a variety of reasons but mainly because they feel they don’t fit.  They don’t have the right dress, talk or have their life all together.  In short, they feel like they’re a mess.  Well praise the Lord that He didn’t just come for those who “have it all together”.

X-tended Community Fellowship is designed to take individuals who have a heart for a community, train them, help them engage the community and allow the Lord to work in the lives of men and women.  This tool is designed to engage those who are without Christ!  If you have a heart for missions, evangelism, discipleship and a desire to live authentically before Christ then this may be something you are interested in.

If you have any questions please let me know.